How can Pay Day Loans help You?

As silly as it may sound there are a lot of people out there that don’t know what a Pay Day Loan is. So what exactly is a Pay Day loan and how can it benefit you?

A Pay Day Loan is a loan that is taken when you run short of cash from one pay day to the next, when your geyser bursts unexpectedly and you need to call out a plumber but you don’t have the cash available when you have any type of emergency that requires that extra cash that you just don’t have available.

A Pay Day Loan is normally a small amount of cash borrowed ranging anywhere from R500.00 to R5000.00 allowing to pay for those unexpected emergencies and shortages. The benefit of a Pay Day Loan is that is deducted in a once-off payment from your bank account so there is no payment plan and reoccurring monthly interest.

Loanfin offers Pay Day loans with excellent rates, all Pay Day loans are instantly approved and the cash is available the same day in your bank account. In order for you to benefit from our pay day loans apply now. Contact us on 087 352-7219 or apply now online for a payday loan.